Welcome to Rewilding Our Planet 

For us, rewilding is humans remembering they are nature. From here we can be open to and learn from the other species to guide ecosystem restoration. We place emphasis on the teachings of the honey bee for their role as community builders, pollinators and caretakers of the Earth. 


We are currently transforming 25 acres of degraded pine monoculture land in Central Portugal and offer coaching and events centred around system change that moves to protect the environment.  


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Before a colony begins to swarm, the bees imagine their new home. They have already created it in

their mind's eye. When this is done, and embodied by the whole, they take flight.


We aim to work like a hive. We imagine our planet rich with wildlife, bees thriving with an abundant food supply, 

forests protected, monoculture transformed, and our soils and water returned to health. Our Constellation Coaching and Events inspire and empower people to act to transform the environmental challenges being faced. 


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Slow yourself, slow yourself, slow yourself here 

I am in the wind, soft caress on skin and land 

Slowly enter, drop and rest

I am creatrix, poetress, sacred sex, genderless

Enlightened mysterious 

Keeper of the flame

Mistress of water, arts, traditions, imagination and the rites of Spring 

Through me flows all of life's creation 

I hold you in softness in this land 

Go back to the pace of your soul