Walking the ways of our ancestors to honour life and be in gratitude for the honey bee and all of nature. We begin on the Camino Del Norte, Spain. 


The journey is to bring awareness of the bees and raise money for our CrowdFund so we may continue our work. 1 bee cape, 1 bike, 1 pair of feet and 1 Deborah taking flight. It is time for more of us to learn from the bees, they are calling us. 

The cape is to create curiosity along the roads and pathways and invites people to ask the bees a question through a drumming and hum meditation. 

Click here for the meditation and to ask a question to the bees.


Tour 1: Commences 16th September 2019 

Santander to the Santiago De Compostela. 550 km

Santiago De Compostela to Porto. 220km  

Porto back to Quinta Das Abelhas. 150km 

Total: 920km 

I wonder what the bees and the old ways will teach along the way. 

Thank you to Liz Granfort, our beautiful Patron, for the crazy robe creation :)