Within the hive

Below is the core team however this project is only possible because of many people not listed here.  

Deborah Richmond, Co-Founder

The honey bees were the inspiration for Deborah initiating this project. Alongside managing the project, Deborah is a Constellation Coach with a focus on supporting environmental action. Read more. 

Phil Gould, Co-Founder

Phil is a protector of the bees, trees, soil and the water through land regeneration work. He crafts the log hives and makes the physical happen on the land. 

Liz Granfort, Trustee, Executive Coach 

Dream pollinator and protector of the vision whether on the land or from a far. Her work as a business coach, dancer and costume maker is a constant weave of creativity. She guides the project with insight and clarity. 

Angharad Barlow, Trustee, Pollinator Specialist & Artist 

A background in theatre, film, television special effects and costume design, Angharad is creativity. Her environmental work and art raises awareness of the need to protect nature. Her latest art installation 'Bee Temple' is currently on tour.

Natalie Garden, Trustee, Communication 

With a background in marketing, Natalie supports the project through her communication, creativity and boundless beauty.

Rebecca May, Ecology & Well-being

Rebecca's passion is in Interconnectivity and a remembering of our place in nature.  This is carried out through habitat regeneration, yoga and bodywork. 

Richard William George, Education
Dedicated to the empowerment of people through founding the Contemporary School of Yoga, Richard makes yoga relevant to the times we are in. Richard & Deborah teach together and their work weaves between England & Portugal.