Our focus over the first years was listening to the land and it's teaching through observation. We carried out the initial land regeneration through felling the diseased monoculture pine and built honey bee habitats, this work will continue to be the focus through the coming years. We are currently enquiring into a sustainable model that will build upon this co-creative space as a living and retreat space for human mental regeneration, creativity and innovation. One driven by natures guidance and one that creates balance across all aspects of life. 


We will be renovating the two stone ruins on the land, building an 11 metre round house and a dining/ living room with accommodation above. This will build upon the temporary spaces that have already been created for guests and workshops. 

System Change 

Our work focuses on non judgemental, inclusive system change. One that brings in evolved structures from what already has been created that is supportive of all species and humans. We imagine exploitation and human control lessening as we remember more and more who we really are. Constellation work leads the way in our working but this is also supported by many other fields of enquiry such as indigenous approaches to health and wellbeing, art, music, dance, body practices and crafts. Science, history and philosophy support what we do.  There is never one way, we are guided by the land, the people and the present moment. 

Dreaming the New

Since the start, the bees have been the initiator for creating this space. Part of our work with the bees, is dream work. A dreaming temple will be built where together, with the bees, we work to acknowledge history that no longer serves us for the times we now live in.  Through this we can be in joy and celebration with the rest of life, bringing abundance for all.