We invite you to step out of your usual routine, spend time with us on the land, experience a different way of living and learn from the intelligence of the other species we share this planet with. 


Rest, catch up on sleep, sit by the bees, build a fire, walk under the stars, go off for hikes and nourish your soul and creative thinking. This is supported by helping us with our work on the land to develop new skills such as food growing, reforestation, tree and forage planting, wood chopping, log hive making and general land needs that come with being off grid. You will have your own independence, be self sufficient and we weave together naturally as and when required.

Constellation Coaching 

We provide constellation coaching to support problem solving for your work or role in the world in order that you can have a greater impact and ripple effect out to humanity. The valley also offers body work treatments such as massage, yoga and tai chi.


We offer accommodation in bell tents and caravans and have a shared kitchen, dining and living space. 

Land Life

There is a flow and rhythm that is found here when you drop into the pace of nature and are in sync with the other species here. We cook together as it flows and you can bring your own creativity to share and experiment with others if you have new ideas you wish to try out. We run a series of events throughout the year that you can also join. 


If you would like to come to the land email us on hello@rewildingourplanet.com and we can share further details with you.