Imbolc, celebrating the coming of Spring

February 3, 2017


A little group gathered to celebrate Imbolc, which is about acknowledging the change of season as we move into Spring. It is believed mythic stories, from where Imbolc comes, draws us into accord with nature. We tend to forget that we are still animals on a fragile planet. We marked Imbolc with ritual, body painting, movement, lot of laughter and many pots of mugwort tea. 


Imbolc is traditionally the great festival and honouring of Brigid (or Brighid, Bride, or Brigit), so loved as a pagan Goddess that her worship was woven into the Christian church as St Bridget. She is closely associated with the land and the protector of the wells and springs. She is the guardian of nature, and therefore agriculture. She is specifically associated with livestock. As a fertility goddess, Brigid is also the patron of the poets, artists, and others who create. Hence, her name is invoked at childbirth. She is also connected to the element of fire, the goddess of the hearth. 


The symbolism of wells and springs reflects the connection to the waters of life that emerge from unseen sources. Such as the wisdom of the unconscious and an openness to our dreams. Brigid's protection of agriculture and poetry signifies the need to tend to our inner fertility. Tending our forms of creativity is crucial to a fulfilling life. The ancients believed that gifts of expression were only on loan. We are reminded to remain grateful, and to be good custodians of artistic talents. 


Her association with fire also pertains to the creative force. Finding passion in our work is a major achievement. Handling our energies well requires maturity. It takes effort to find a balance where we have vitality without being consumed. 


Only having been on the land a short while, this celebration bought us many insights to the land and for planting seeds for the years ahead. I am thankful to Liz and Natalya, for their joy, creativity, beauty and wildness, at the start of this journey. 


To Imbolc 2018. 










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