World Wild Web 

Date:   Friday 24th to Monday 27th July 2020

Time:   Arrival 12pm, finish 4pm on Monday

Venue: Wild Ways, Shropshire

The retreat is a full immersion in nature through an exploration of yoga, movement, constellation work, ceremony and play. The time will connect us deeply with the wild within and the other aspects and species of nature to drive our own creativity.  

Facilitators: Deborah Richmond & Richard William George 


The Inner Journey: A yoga & family constellations retreat 

Date: 16th to 20th June 2021
Venue:  The valley of Quinta Das Abelhas, Cortico, Central Portugal


We have all the answers we need inside of us, we just need to become proficient at inner listening and trusting the wisdom we receive. So, on this in-depth retreat we will use ancient practices of yoga combined with the more recent revelatory ways of accessing wisdom provided by family constellations work, to go deep into the inner workings of our bodies, to find answers to questions we might have. 


We will explore 'experiential anatomy' through a conscious yoga practice, bodywork and through constellating different parts of the body, and we will link up the physical with the beyond-physical through an exploration of the chakras in relation to our physical anatomy. This will be a deeply personal journey of cultivating trust in ourselves, our bodies and in the wisdom we carry. 

Facilitators: Deborah Richmond (Constellation Work) & Rebecca May (Yoga)


Prices from 350 Euros pending accommodation. 

Further details: Email: