Environmental Constellation: Problem Solving

Date: Monthly, each new moon: 23rd April, 22nd May, 21st June, 20th July, 

19th Aug, 17th Sep, 16th Oct, 15th Nov, 14th Dec 

Time: 4.30-7.30pm

Join us on Zoom where we will plant new seeds of growth for the month ahead and support community creativity in the field of the environmental insights. We will constellate one challenge that is held by a member of the online group. 

This is for people looking for fresh insights for their regeneration work and to transform unhealthy human dynamics within projects and organisations. 



The Arboreal Apiculture Salon: Learning from the Bees

Date: Monthly 

Would you like to listen to or chat with arboreal apiculture experts and enthusiasts from around the world? It's easy join our friendly live stream events where you will receive a warm welcome and introduction to bees and their natural home.

The Salon is recorded with a live online audience, and published as a podcast hosted by Jonathan Powell, Natural Beekeeping Trust,  Cheyanna Bone and Michael J. Thiele, Apis Arborea. This is a free event, open to anybody seeking a deeper connection to Arboreal Apiculture.


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