Coming together on this land means stepping into a co-creative space which will bring you, the group and the land together to explore our creativity in the world.  Different flavours arise dependent on the group of people coming together. There is a constellation session held every time someone new joins, this is to feel into the unique possibilities held within the group. 


Each week we spend 2 days (Monday and Thursday) working together on the land or at a neighbouring land regeneration project. The rest of the time is for your own creativity. There is plenty to do on the land over and above the 2 days if there is something on the land that you wish to learn or is supportive for your own process.  


Each person is encouraged to bring there own personal practise to the group if they feel this could benefit the whole.  Currently the group on the land comes together through constellation work, yoga, meditation, tai chi and TRE to name a few. 

Music, singing, dancing, ceremony, celebration and of course the bees are central to our time together. 

We offer 121 constellation coaching for people who come to the land to help manifest what they need in life. Being here is an opportunity to transform anything that may be holding you back. This needs to be booked in before coming to the land so space can be created as sessions are held in the valley's Round House. 

In terms of land work, this is in sync with natures calendar and the seasons: 

30th October 2019 (From Samhain) to 1st February 2019 (Imbolc) 

Our accommodation to join us over this time is full but if you have your own accommodation it is possible to part of this phase.


This seasons work:  Gardening, reforestation work, tree and forage planting, apple orchard maintenance, wood chopping and general land maintenance. For the neighbouring valley projects a whole new set of skills could be learned depending on what is needed. 

2nd February 2020 (From Imbolc) to 1st May (Beltane) 

Accommodation currently available and it is possible to bring your own accommodation. 


This seasons work: Log hive making, cottage building renovation, food growing and general and land maintenance. 

We offer accommodation in caravans and bell tents when warm enough. We have a shared kitchen and dining space and within each caravan there is cooking facilities when you need your own sanctuary. Showering is either a hot water outdoor shower or a bucket shower in the caravan. We hand wash day to day clothes with the use of a washing machine for the larger washes. For now the land is simple living. 


See further images of the land on our Living Space page or Facebook. We welcome people who can bring their own accommodation to support their feeling of being at home on the land. 


Land Life

We take it in turns to cook and we have shared meals together. There is a flow and rhythm that is found here when you drop into the pace of nature and are in sync with the other species that are here.



We ask for a daily contribution of £10 or Euros 10 a day towards food, energy needs, wifi and basic requirements for the project to run. If you are able to give more based on your personal circumstances this will go into the reforestation and log hive making work.


We ask for you to read through the website and see if our work is aligned with your own passions. Then if your interest is sparked, please complete the co-creation form - pdf or word and email to Deborah on Once received we can arrange a Skype or phone to chat further and explore possibilities.