Constellation Workshop: Environmental Change

Date: Saturday 25th January 2020, 10am to 5pm
Venue: Quinta Das Abelhas Valley


This constellation workshop invites two issue holders to bring their environmental projects with their challenges and transform anything that may be holding back it's potential, with the emphasis on all life being sacred.


We will work together to allow new insight and creativity to emerge within the field of land regeneration work. 

Click here for more information on constellation work. 

Facilitator: Deborah Richmond 

World Wild Web 

Date:   Friday 24th to Monday 27th July 2020

Time:   Arrival 12pm, finish 4pm on Monday

Venue: Wild Ways, Shropshire

The retreat is a full immersion in nature through an exploration of yoga, movement, constellation work, ceremony and play. 

The long weekend includes a cacao ceremony, movement and dance sessions, two constellations and ceremony. The time will connect us deeply with the wild within and the other aspects and species of nature. 

Facilitators: Deborah Richmond & Richard William George 


Constellation Work with Nature: Introduction Workshop 

Date: Thursday 24th & Friday 25th September 2020, 10am to 5pm
Venue: Quinta Das Abelhas Valley

Learn the theory, structure and practise of constellation work, where we work with the other species of nature to support problem solving. Through our time together the process framework will be supported by pair and group constellation work. The work is fused with the indigenous traditions of yoga and shamanism and systems thinking, making a unique way of working from the facilitator.  


The outcome of the 2 days together will provide a structure of constellation work to problem solve for yourself through your bodies intuition and the intelligence of nature.  

Click here for more information on constellation work

Facilitator: Deborah Richmond 



Cost: Issue holder Euro 50, Representative Euro 25 

Bring: A dish to share for lunch 


Email: Deborah on

Cost: 115 Euros for the 2 days 

Bring: A dish to share for lunch each day 

Accommodation possible.